A1033 Northern Gateway to Somerden Roundabout


National Highways




May 23 - July 23

The Project

With DSD Construction working as Principal Contractor, the scheme involved resurfacing and civils works to the 1.4- mile section of the A1033 dual carriageway between the Northern Gateway and Somerden roundabouts in Hull. This involved removing and replacing 100mm of asphalt from lane 1 and both roundabouts and removing and replacing 40mm from lane 2. Due to the busy location, planing out and reinstatement of the binder and surface course had to be completed within each night shift before the road was reopened the following morning at 5am.

Traffic management, white lining and traffic signal loop installation was provided by National Highways framework contractors and their work was completed under our control and coordination. Temporary white lining was installed in the lanes during the works, which was then removed, and permanent lining installed after completion.

Civil engineering work included the installation of 65 new bollards outside Hull prison to prevent visitors parking on a grassed area, replacement of damaged manholes and kerbing, installation of drainage kerbing and jet cleaning of the existing kerb drainage system. Installation of the bollards required vacuum excavation to avoid damaging buried services and reinstatement of topsoil and grass seed.

Resurfacing was successfully completed each night and the road was reopened on time at 5am each morning.

Key Quantities:

Dual Carriageway Resurfacing
0 Miles
New Bollards
Replacement Manholes

To allow commuter traffic to use the road each day, we worked night shift with a working window between 8pm and 5am (1st cone placed and last cone removed respectively). We were required to leave a completed road surface each morning which meant we had to complete planing out and replacement of each section at the end of each shift. To ensure this deadline was met, we deployed standby plant near to the scheme in case of breakdowns.

The scheme was in a deprived area of Hull with previous incidents of public violence towards surfacing crews. To provide confidence to our workforce we supplied them with bodycams throughout the project to record any acts of aggression. Thankfully, there were no incidents reported.

The project was also in a densely populated commercial area of Hull near to the docks and prison with no access to a suitable compound to store plant and equipment between shifts. The nearest compound we were able to use was 16 miles from the construction site, which meant we had to transport all equipment this distance each night on a fleet of low loaders.

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