A62 Leeds Road Design and Resurfacing, Mirfield


Kirklees Council




Oct 2021 – Nov 2021

The Project

Acting as Principal Designer and Principal Contractor, this 5-phase scheme involved the design and resurfacing of the busy A62 through the residential areas of Mirfield, West Yorkshire using low temperature materials and state of the art surfacing equipment to shorten the schedule and reduce the carbon footprint of the project. Our scope of work included:

  • Redesign of the road layout
  • Traffic management
  • Planing out of existing carriageway
  • Replacement of 197 items of ironwork
  • Installation of binder and surface courses
  • White lining

Working with local stakeholders and using new wide capacity surfacing equipment enabled us to complete the project 2 weeks early

Key Quantities:

Carriageway Replaced
0 km
CO2 Saving
0 %
Items of Iron Work Replaced
White Lining
0 m
Low Temp Surfacing Material
0 Te
Anti-skid Surface
0 m2

Challenges and Successes

The construction work was carried out in a very busy area with over 30,000 vehicles ordinarily using the road each day. This required us to work 24 hours per day by replacing ironwork through on day shift using limited lane closures and planing / surfacing at night under full road closure to minimise traffic disruption. We used a brand-new paving machine with a 9-metre laying width to reduce the number of laying mats from 4 to 2 on the wider road sections – enabling us to complete the project 2 weeks early. Also, the A62 forms one of the main roads through the area and we worked flexibly with Kirklees Council to accommodate local events such as Huddersfield Town home matches and Remembrance Sunday.

The latter phases of the project were adjacent to residential housing where we planned our work timings to minimise noise during the night by carrying out the noisiest operations, such as planing, before 11pm. We also worked with Kirklees Council to temporarily rehouse a family whose adults were NHS shift workers during the work outside their house.

Client Benefits

By using our new Volvo Euro 6 specification 9m width paver to minimise the number of joins in the carriageway and by using higher quality PY4 bedding material and QC10 resin mortar to set the ironwork, we were able supply a 4-year warranty for the works – significantly reducing the lifetime cost and carbon footprint of this section of road. By collaborating closely with Kirklees Council, we were able accommodate changes to stakeholder needs and optimise bus services at short notice by rescheduling our work.

DSD Construction worked closely with us on this first design and build project at Mirfield under the new framework contract to complete the design and mobilise to site quickly in an organised and professional manner. They provided solutions at every stage of the project and introduced new low temperature asphalt and specialist wide track paving equipment to reduce the carbon footprint of the project, increase the lifespan of the road surface and shorten the construction schedule. By working closely with us and our local community, they were able to complete the project 2 weeks ahead of schedule – minimising the project’s impact to our community. The DSD Construction team is great to work with and we look forward to working with them again in the future.

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