A66 Long Newton to Elton Recycling & Resurfacing


National Highways




October - November 2023

The Project

With DSD Construction acting as Principal Contractor, this scheme involved the resurfacing of 4.2km of the eastbound A66 dual carriageway, junctions and slip roads over 8 weekend closures. Working in conjunction with our in-situ recycling partner Specialised Pavements Ltd, we removed the existing road surface down to 310mm depth before replacing the base layer with recycled tar bound CBGM recycled on site, followed by warm mix binder and surface courses. This project was an excellent example of minimising carbon emissions and achieving a 60% carbon footprint reduction over conventional road surfacing through:

  • Recycling of tar bound planings – reducing the amount of virgin aggregate required and removing the requirement to dispose as hazardous waste.
  • Recycling ‘in-situ’ – removing the need to transport and return tar bound planings to site.
  • Use of warm mix asphalt – reducing the amount of energy used to manufacture the asphalt.

The project required the mobilisation of over 200 operatives, all of whom were inducted by DSD Construction as Principal Contractor, with a compound set up at the nearby Teesside Airport. Our scope of work included:

  • Assistance to National Highways and the Designer Jacobs to assess the existing carriageway condition and develop a suitable recycling and wearing course solution.
  • Assistance with crossover design and preparation of existing crossover locations to a suitable standard.
  • Provision of site welfare, and the development and deployment of stakeholder engagement plans.
  • Removal of existing VRS and lighting columns.
  • Removal, plating, and temporary surfacing of ironwork.
  • Work with TM partner to install temporary studs/bollards down the centre of the westbound carriageway.
  • Planing out existing Eastbound carriageway to depths of 40mm, 50mm, 330mm and 310m.
  • Utilising In Situ recycled material for the lower layers.
  • Installation of warm mix binder and surface courses between 53 an 68 PSV.

By laying up to 1,800 t of recycled material and 1,000t of asphalt per shift, we delivered the project on time over 8 weekend closures.

Key Quantities:

Recycled Material
0 t
AC20 HDM Binder Hardstone
0 t
Ultipave Laid
0 t

Each section of road had to be planed, re-laid, and white lined by 06:00 every Monday morning, laying up to 1,800t of recycled material and 1,000t of asphalt during each shift. Due to the tight work schedule between Friday and Monday where traffic was diverted onto the westbound carriageway under a contra flow system, there was a high level of police interest in the scheme, which required regular engagement and updates. There were also regular coordination meetings between all contractors to manage the project and bad deploy weather contingency plans.

Despite losing several shifts due to adverse weather, the project was delivered on time and 10% below the original Option C Target cost.

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