A66 Warcop Resurfacing


National Highways




November 2023

The Project

With DSD Construction acting as Principal Contractor, the scheme involved a 2-phase deep patch inlay approach to resurfacing the A66 at Warcop. This involved a series of deep patches 200mm depth and full carriageway inlay of 50mm thick Cl942 TSCS. Due to additional client funding availability, this scheme required quick turnaround which meant we had to fully mobilise within 3 weeks. The work was completed over several night shifts ensuring the road was handed back fully open to traffic at 6am every morning. We also maximised our productivity outputs to reduce the original 6-week programme to 3 weeks to minimise disruption on this major commuter route.

With working windows of only 5 hours per night, we removed 1,000t and laid 800t of asphalt per shift by deploying 2 surfacing gangs at opposite ends of the works to maximise productivity and minimise disruption to road users.

We worked with National Highways and Kier (Designer) to confirm the material design was fit for purpose given the complexities of the geography and speed in which the project needed to be completed. We also completed survey work including checking drainage systems to complement the final design and assisted with pre site survey works to ensure all beds were correct and no further works needed to be carried out in the closure locations. We attended all design reviews and supplied budget costs based on the preliminary design.

The construction process involved:

  • Setting up the traffic management and road closure at 9pm for access to the work face for 10pm and surfacing operations to be complete by 3am for road reopening at 6am) – 4 no. road closures 11 no. lane closures with a convoy system in place.
  • Planing out and reinstating hard stone binder for all deep patches due to overall depth, enabling us to run traffic the following day.
  • Laying binder / wearing course patches.
  • Installing white lines and studs at the end of every shift from 3.30 – 4.30am.
  • Remove traffic management at the end of every shift and open to traffic from 4.40am – 6am.
  • TSCO final run through and open to traffic.

We successfully completed the project within the 3-week window despite delays due to inclement winter weather

Key Quantities:

0 t
Planed Material
0 t
AC20 HDM Binder Hardstone
0 t
Ultipave 55, 65 & 68 PSV

Due to low night temperatures, we had to allow extra time for a gritter to arrive on site and salt the carriageway before we reopened the road to the public. Despite this, and losing 3 shifts to bad weather, we completed the 3-week programme on time by doubling resources, and by utilising 2 asphalt suppliers and up to 5 quarries per shift.

Innovations delivered on this project included the use of Tarmac Ultipave PMB and Aggregate Industries Supercurve asphalt, which is a PMB SMA with fibres, similar to a TS2010 – ideal for use in hard to lay / access areas of the county, but with the same lifespan as a traditional HRA; Use of Mobatech telemetry equipment on our plant to monitor laying and rolling temperatures and produce infrared digital laying maps; Use of Intellicone Incursion Prevention & Warning System to let the workforce know of a traffic management breach by road users.

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