A77 Maybole Bypass, South Ayrshire


Wills Bros Civil Engineering




July - Dec 20212

The Project

This project comprised the construction of a new 5.2km single carriageway bypass at Maybole, South Ayrshire and included the construction of 3 new roundabouts, 3 underpasses and 3 new over bridges. Our scope of work included the installation of 65,000Te of surfacing material to construct the road from subbase level using the following materials:

  • AC32 HDM Base 40/60 Des CI929
  • AC20 HDM Binder 40/60 Des CI929
  • HRA 30/14 CI911TS
  • AC14 CGSC 100/150 CI912

We deployed our tracked paver and Multiplex Ski averaging beam level equipment to ensure tight level tolerances were achieved.

The project required the use of our specialist surfacing equipment to achieve the required level tolerances and to provide superior surface comfort for the road users. The use of our tracked paver provided better traction and level control when laying material on the aggregate subbase and we also used our Vogele Multiplex Ski paver levelling attachment to achieve a superior average level on the road surface.

The Multiplex Ski beam is fitted with three-five multi-cell sonic sensors which enables it to scan a reference at several points located at a distance from one another – allowing the Niveltronic Plus System for Automated Grade and Slope Control to calculate a mean from the measurements taken across the entire measuring range, making up for any unevenness over long distances. In this way, the system operates with much greater precision than an individual single-cell or multi-cell sensor and provides a better road surface with higher average level tolerances.

Challenges and Successes

The project specification required us to lay the road surface to very tight average level tolerances. We achieved this using by using our own fleet of specialist paving equipment which is also maintained by our own plant fitters at our HQ maintenance facility at Carlisle. By maintaining our own equipment, we can guarantee the availability, reliability and accuracy of our road construction equipment.

The complex tie ins at each end of the bypass required us to deploy a dedicated site agent and use collaborative planning techniques to coordinate our work with the other contractors and ensure that the tie in work was delivered as safely and efficiently as possible whilst minimising disruption to road users.

The construction site was in a remote area with few haulage contractors and long-haul distances from the Asphalt suppliers. To ensure material supply matched our paving production rates, we deployed our own fleet of tipper trucks to supplement the asphalt suppliers truck fleet to ensure that the construction schedule was maintained.

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