Airside Maintenance Works, Edinburgh Airport


Edinburgh Airport / Careys




March - April 2024

The Project

Joint Replacement

As Principal Contractor working directly for Edinburgh Airport, this scheme included the removal and replacement of 10.6km of joint sealant on the taxiways at Edinburgh Airport. This was completed during night shift and required extensive planning with Edinburgh Airport to ensure that as one taxiway was closed for works, an alternative was kept open to allow operations at the Airport to continue.

Taxiway Repairs

As subcontractor to Careys, this work involved the resurfacing of the taxiways during the daytime using both Gipave® and Airport Specification SMA surfacing materials. Both materials were used as a trial to compare the performance of each over a prolonged period to test the durability of the new high-tech graphene enhanced polymeric asphalt super modifier with our Italian partner Interimicha and Tarmac. Gipave® improves performances of pavements and doubles service life, preventing distresses and reducing maintenance operations. The Gipave® super modifier also helps to reduce environmental impact as it contains a specific type of selected hard plastic, which is usually considered non- reusable. Asphalt pavements with Gipave® are 100% recyclable.

Level 3 Runway Upgrade

As part of the spring 2024 runway refurbishment programme, this work involved planing out/patch repairs of 73 runway surface defects using 70mm thick surface course Stone Mastic Asphalt with 0/14mm aggregate, installation of cable chases, removal, and reinstatement of Ground Lighting and over banding on weekend night shift.

We successfully completed the runway repairs to programme whilst maintaining airport operations.

Challenges & Successes

As Principal Contractor and subcontractor, we liaised directly with the Edinburgh Airport Operations Team and Careys to plan the works and to obtain the Airside Operation Permits with our supporting Construction Phase Plan, Method Statements and Risk Assessments. By working closely with the airport Operations Team, we were able to establish a contingency window over a third weekend in case of delays and further contingencies in case of bad weather for the runway repairs.

To mitigate delays and ensure the work was completed within the designated access window, we deployed additional operational and standby resources to ensure airport operations continued as planned. These included duplicate quarries and batching facilities standby DSD Construction and subcontract staff and standby plant and equipment located at the airport in case of breakdowns.

As Principal Contractor, we invested in the training of our operatives on airport protocols, ensuring effective communication with the airport Control Tower during the works and compliance with all airport rules and procedures.

The project required extensive security clearances for our staff and material suppliers and security checks were regularly carried out on our staff, equipment, and material deliveries throughout the project.

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