B5301 Westnewton to Silloth Resurfacing, Cumbria


Cumbria County Council




Oct - Nov 2020

The Project

As part of the CCC Core Surfacing Framework, this scheme included the reconstruction and resurfacing of 1.5Km of the B5301 between Westnewton and Silloth. This project was used as a collaborative pilot scheme between CCC, DSD Construction and MacRebur to trial the use of recycled plastic ashphalt for a 750m section of the wearing course. The project was chosen due to its heavy traffic use and where it could be monitored to compare wear between the conventional asphalt and recycled plastic road sections. Through this three way partneship, we helped to develop new environmentally friendly road surfacing materials by replacing bitumen with non recyclable plastic – which would otherwise be disposed of to landfill. Within this project, the MacRebur plastic asphalt replaced 6Te of bitumen with 6Te of non recycleable plastic. The scope of the project included:

  • Survey and setting out.
  • Reconstruction and replacment of drainage systems.
  • Relocation of ironwork.
  • Cold milling.
  • Reconstruction and relaying of subbase, binder and wearing courses.
  • Top soiling.

Environmental monitoring and data logging ensured that the trial material was laid within specification

Key Quantities:

0 m2
AC20 HDM Binder course
0 m2
Top Soiling
0 m2
HRA 3514 Wearing Course
0 m2
Cold Milling
0 m3
unbound subbase
0 m2
MacRebur plastic road material

Challenges and Successes

The site was located in a rural location on a narrow country road which required a full road closure to the public whilst maintaining access for local residents and farmers. Our Public Liaison Officer, Kris Howe, planned the work with CCC and the local residents and kept them informed as the project progressed. The work was completed as quickly as possible to reopen the road at the soonest opportunity.

The work was carried out in the wet winter months which required us to maintain temporary drainage while we installed and connected the new drainage systems.

We were required to monitor the environmental conditions as we installed the MacRebur material. To ensure that the material was installed within specification, we installed an environmental monitoring station/data logger on our Paver and also monitored the temperature of the asphalt as it was laid.

Client Benefits:

We resolved a long standing road flooding problem for local residents and road users, and we assisted our client in the further development of environmentally friendly road surfacing.

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