B6263 Wetheral to Warwick Bridge Road Construction


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March 2019 – May 2019

The Project

Reinstatement of the B6263 after landslip and flood damage caused by Storm Desmond in 2015. The road had been deemed unsafe for use by two-way traffic since a landslip, which was caused by flooding during Storm Desmond. Following the landslip, one side of the road was at risk of falling into the adjacent River Eden.

The project involved the construction of 750m of new road which was re-routed away from an adjacent watercourse to make the road more resilient to future severe weather events, with the road then tying into the existing B6263 at each end.

Scope of work included:

  • Surveying and setting out.
  • Construction of the new road base.
  • Laying of the binder and wearing courses.

Assignment of additional plant and labour increased our productivity output to accelerate the completion of the project

Key Quantities

0 m
New Road Construction
0 m2
0 m2
HD20 ACM Binder course
0 m2
HRA 3514 Wearing Course
0 m2
Road Planing

Challenges and Successes

The road had been closed for a long period of time, resulting in detours and long travel distances for local residents. It was therefore imperative that when the project commenced, it had to be completed as quickly as possible. We worked with our client to align our schedule with his milestones and align our productivity outputs and resources to meet the required milestone dates.

We worked alongside numerous other contractors to complete the work as quickly as possible by holding daily planning meetings to ensure our work integrated seamlessly with the overall project schedule and that we did not delay any other trades.

Client Benefits

The project was completed on time, allowing the residents of Wetheral to travel by direct route after a number of years of disruption and detours.

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