Cargo Fleet Lane A66 Roundabout Reconfiguration


A E Yates




November 2019 - June 2020

The Project

Reconfiguration of a major roundabout on the A66 dual carraigeway trunk road to provide a through road across the centre of the roundabout. The roundabout remained in traffic and pedestrian use at all times and the project involved:

  • Full survey and marking out.
  • Laying of new ducting for electric, telecoms and pedestrian crossing services.
  • Construction of new gullies and drainage systems in the kerbs.
  • Construction of temporary footways to maintain pedestrian safety during construction.
  • Construction of new permanent footways.
  • Construction of new dual carriageway through the centre of a previously landscaped roundabout.
  • Installation of street furniture and signage.
  • Landscaping, including weed spraying, stone picking, top soiling and grass seeding.

Efficient construction of the new A66 roundabout with minimal disruption to pedestrians and road users

Key Quantities

0 m2
Road Planing
0 m3
0 m2
0 m2
Top Soil Strip
0 m
Drains & Ducts
0 m2

Challenges and Successes

This section of the A66 is extremely busy with high levels of traffic and pedestrian footfall. We were not allowed to reduce the number of traffic lanes or close any of the footways during the daytime. We overcame this constraint by working night shift so that we could reduce traffic to a single lane and by constructing the works in smaller sections.

All removed topsoil, kerbs, flags, blacktop and concrete was crushed, screened and reused in the works, saving material, disposal and transport cost whilst also significantly reducing the carbon footprint of the project.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we took advantage of the quiet roads and low traffic flow to reschedule our work to deliver the project on time despite the additional social distancing and logistics constraints.

Client Benefits

Despite the national COVID-19 pandemic, we delivered the scheme safely, on time and at optimal cost due to our ability to work flexibly and recycle as much material as possible.

We have always found DSD to be an extremely competent Contractor and this has again proved to be the case on the current project, Cargo Fleet lane. They have managed and undertaken the works in a conscientious, safe and professional manner and have received high praise from us and our Client

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Ian Tyler

Associate Director, AE Yates Ltd

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