Connect Roads Framework, Cumbria


Balfour Beatty




Summer 2023

The Project

As part of the Balfour Beatty Connect Roads framework in Cumbria, we recently completed three important resurfacing schemes at:

  • A689 Brampton – scheme length 1,029m.

  • A596 Aspatria – scheme length 1,022m.

  • A6071 Brampton to Longtown – scheme length 3,148m.

The majority of work on these schemes consisted of working at night to overlay sections of road and plane out/reinstate inlay patching to a depth of up to 210mm.

Due to the ambitious programme, two planers were used in an echelon formation to remove material quickly and efficiently to ensure work was complete and the road reopened on time each morning.

Our scope of work on these schemes included:

  • Coordination with client Traffic Management partners provided by Balfour Beatty Connect Roads.

  • Replacement or readjustment of 150 items of ironwork.

  • 440m kerbing removed/installed.

  • 210mm of planing in deepest areas of road construction.

  • 74,000m2 bond coat spraying.

  • Various resurfacing solutions including 50mm HRA overlays and 210mm deep inlay patches using 50mm thick HRA 35/14 wearing course, 60mm thick enriched binder course and 100mm thick enriched base course.

  • White lining and stud replacement (subcontracted to Tim Doody).

All schemes delivered to programme and £2,500 donated to mental health charities by using our 'Wellbeing Machine' paver.

Key Quantities:

Bituminous Material Laid
0 t
Hot Rolled Asphalt
0 t
Planed Out
0 t

Challenges & Successes

The road closure windows were ambitious which required us to deploy additional resources including echelon formation planers to accelerate the planing operations.

The schemes were delivered at night using road closures and diversions. Due to the length of the A6071 scheme, it was closed and resurfaced in 4 sections to reduce the number/length of diversions.

As part of our social impact programme, we deployed our ‘Wellbeing Machine’ paver on these projects – donating cash to local mental health charities for each Tonne of surfacing material laid with the machine (£2,500 donated).

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