Construction support services, sellafield, cumbria


Morgan Sindall




January 2022 - December 2022

The Project

During 2022 we provided project support services to the multibillion £ construction programme of capital works at the Sellafield nuclear site in Cumbria.

This important service enabled the construction sites employing over 1,000 people to run in a safe and efficient manner on a 24/7 basis.

Our services included:

  • Workforce transportation between satellite offices in Whitehaven and the construction site at Sellafield

  • Bus transport of workers to and from the site at ‘in muster’ and ‘out muster’ times

  • Construction plant and vehicle escort duties on the site

  • Security gate duties

  • Management of plant and material deliveries

  • Weed killing in summer and gritting in winter

  • Construction waste management / recycling

  • Construction slab water management and treatment using a Silt-buster plant

  • Constructing and repairing construction site roads and footpaths

  • Provision and maintenance of temporary toilet and office accommodation

  • Installation of temporary and permanent lighting

  • Provision of PPE and office furniture / equipment

  • Provision of a temporary welfare building including canteen, drying room, change rooms and toilets – including construction of foundations and installation of services.

  • Housekeeping duties including litter picking and maintenance of walkways and fire routes

  • Provision and maintenance of safety equipment including fire extinguishers, first aid and eye wash stations

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