DSD Construction in the community – Richard Rose Morton Academy Continuation

Morton Academy Students
At DSD Construction we are committed to helping encourage positive mental health and, as part of our “DSD in the community” Social Impact programme at Richard Rose Morton Academy, we have an ongoing partnership with local micro-SME Lumsdon Elite Coaching to deliver sessions of mentoring for young people in education who require additional guidance at challenging times of their lives.

As part of this programme, we have developed a long term relationship with the Richard Rose
Morton Academy in Carlisle, Cumbria, to work closely with the students, delivering coaching
sessions to help young people gain a deeper understanding of mental health and how to cope with mental health issues, building confidence, increasing motivation (in and out of school), and dealing with pressures in relation to exams, sports, hobbies and relationships.

As an example, we worked with the students to create a video game based around their own characters with a focus on mental health. These characters needed to have a back story and an aim for the video game. This allowed the students to be creative and express different ideas when discussing their video games.

One of the students’ video games was called “School Boy to Soccer Star” and followed a young boy trying to make his way in the football world. In this game, the young boy would have regular conversations with his manager and family where he would discuss his feelings when times were challenging. He would then use his platform to visit schools and discuss his career and how certain situations throughout his career have affected his mental health.

Physical training with the students included team hill climbs where they had to split the climbs between team members and encourage each other as they worked together to reach their target of 150 hill climbs.

The coaching sessions also included a game of mental health catch, which consisted of a standard game of catch but when receiving the ball, the students had to say a word that was associated with mental health. This has resulted in the students gaining a wider understanding of the language related to mental health.

Following our continued work at Richard Rose Morton Academy we received positive feedback from the Vice Principal of Richard Rose Morton Academy, Michell Rigg:

“DSD Construction / Lumsdon Elite Coaching visits have been an overwhelming success; Chris has worked with two different groups and has encouraged them to work as a team as well as take responsibility for their actions individually. Not only have they learnt so much about mental health and how it can affect themselves and others, but he has also given them a structure which has seen major improvements in their attendance, schoolwork, fitness, engagement and most importantly their self-esteem.”

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