DSD Construction in the community – Richard Rose Morton Academy

DSD in the community - Richard Rose Morton Academy
As part of our continued “DSD Construction in the community” Social Value programme, we have partnered with Lumsdon Elite Coaching to deliver 10 sessions of mentoring over 5 weeks at the Richard Rose Morton Academy in Carlisle.

At DSD Construction, we are determined to help encourage positive mental health throughout the county and this programme allows us to do so.

The group we have been working with over the last 10 sessions are pupils of various ages at Richard Rose Morton Academy. The group needed some help with engagement and, due to their age, guidance at a very important time of their lives.

During the sessions, the students were involved in a variety of activities, including discussion workshops, physical activities such as football, visits to local business leaders who have been successful and guest speakers who have made positive changes to their own lives.

DSD in the community - Richard Rose Morton Academy
The sessions were packed with physical activity, classroom workshops, team/individual projects, business visits and guest speakers.

We were approached by Richard Rose Morton Academy after they had heard about our mentoring sessions at other schools. They were keen for us to meet the kids and run some sessions to help them with:

  • Building confidence
  • Increasing motivation – in and out of school
  • Providing support on mental health
  • Dealing with pressures in relation to exams, sports, hobbies, and relationships

Our Training and Social Value Manager Chris Lumsdon leads our “DSD Construction in the community” programme. He says – “I lead these sessions to raise awareness of mental health and what that can entail, whether it be positive or negative. We discuss signs, symptoms, self-care methods and include physical activity with this, which again promotes better mental health”.

Following the 5 weeks spent in school with the students, we have received data which proves the value and importance of these sessions:

  • Attendance has improved over the 5 weeks.
  • Behaviour in class and around the school has dramatically improved.
  • Academically, the students’ results have improved.
  • Confidence in pupils has been raised, and from feedback, they feel they enjoy school much more now.

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