Ellesmere Port Sutton Way Footpath Expansion






November 2019 - June 2020

The Project

Reconfiguration of a major roundabout on the A66 dual carraigeway trunk road to provide a through road across the centre of the roundabout. The roundabout remained in traffic and pedestrian use at all times and the project involved:

  • Full survey and marking out.
  • Laying of new ducting for electric, telecoms and pedestrian crossing services.
  • Construction of new gullies and drainage systems in the kerbs.
  • Construction of temporary footways to maintain pedestrian safety during construction.
  • Construction of new permanent footways.
  • Construction of new dual carriageway through the centre of a previously landscaped roundabout.
  • Installation of street furniture and signage.
  • Landscaping, including weed spraying, stone picking, top soiling and grass seeding.

Efficient footpath construction around existing trees whilst maintaining pedestrian access at all times

Key Quantities:

Footway Surfacing
0 m
Pedestrian Crossings
Traffic Light Crossings

Challenges and Successes

Tree roots were encountered at frequent intervals during footpath excavation. To overcome this, small roots were cut out, the path level was raised to avoid large tree roots and the path was diverted around some trees, requiring changing the width to maintain clearances.

Due to the proximity to the busy adjacent road, it was essesntial to maintain footpath access at all times for pedestrians. To overcome this, the construction work was split into smaller sections and small plant was used (1.5Te and 2.5Te machines). The project schedule was changed to accommodate continual pedestrian access, smaller construction areas and small capacity machines. This approach worked very well and we have been praised by our clients and the public for keeping the footpath open.

Client Benefits

Our proactive and professional approach allowed the project to progress unhindered and without the need for design changes which meant the project was delivered on time and budget.  Our polite and helpful workforce also allowed our client to receive positive feedback for the management of the project from the local community.

The DSD management and site team are courteous and responsive to all requests and the needs of ourselves as the client and the local customer. We look forward to delivering future projects with DSD Construction

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