Flood Remediation Works, Egremont, Cumbria


Volker Stevin




June 2020 - September 2020

The Project

The scheme provided an upgrade of the existing surface water drainage systems in the Orgill area of Egremont to alleviate long term flooding of the local housing, sports fields and surrounding infrastructure. The project involved the replacement and diversion of water ways, drains and culverts to cope with excess rainfall and water run-off.

Our scope of work included:

  • Surveys and setting out.
  • Various temporary works schemes
  • Excavation and earthworks
  • Installation of in-situ cast concrete end wall structures
  • Installation of rock armour stone for the soak away
  • Installation of deep drainage pipework including tie ins to existing systems
  • Regrading, landscaping and finishing work to the surrounding areas

We worked seamlessly with our client and local residents to provide a temporary pumping system to remove standing water

Key Quantities:

Reinforced Concrete
0 m3
Rock Amour
0 Te
0 m

Challenges and Successes

Due to the nature of the work and time of the year, we experienced high volumes of rainfall and had to deal with significant volumes of standing water from the sports fields and other infrastructure. Our Engineer and General Foreman worked closely with our client team and supplier, Selwood Pumps, to establish a temporary water ‘over pumping’ system. The pumping system included automatic ‘over pumping’ equipment with 8 inch bagging pipes to cope with the sheer volume of water that collected in our new structures each day.

We worked closely with the local residents to provide an automatic pumping system which did not need to run continuously and also to locate the pumps in a suitable location to minimise noise disturbance.

Client Benefits

Our engineering and construction staff worked as a single team with our client to overcome the standing water challenge – meaning the project was completed on time and the risk of flooding to local properties was alleviated before the winter flood season.

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