MOD Village Groundworks, Kingmoor Park, Carlisle, Cumbria


Kingmoor Park Properties Ltd




November 2019 - January 2020

The Project

Working as Principal Contractor to prepare the site and install services as part of the ongoing development of the Kingmoor Park commercial area. The project was located on the ex MOD Kingmoor base which is a brownfield site with the potential for ground contamination and uncharted buried services. The work included:

  • Full survey and marking out
  • In situ construction of reinforcement cages.
  • Construction of reinforced concrete structures
  • Excavation and groundworks in preparation for the installation of modular office units
  • Installation of surface water drains
  • Installation of foul water drainage
  • Water connection.
  • Installation of telecoms and electricity service ducting

Successful completion of the groundworks whilst avoiding buried services and contaminated ground

Key Quantities:

Reinforced Concrete Foundations
0 m3
0 m
Infrastructure Utilities
0 m

Challenges and Successes

As an ex MOD brownfield site, there was the potential to find contaminated ground and uncharted buried services as we carried out the excavation works. Using our experience from other similar sites, we monitored the excavation every 350mm and successfully completed the works without incident.

A primary school is located adjacent to the construction site which required special consideration in terms of construction environmental impact and the potential to find ground contamination. We worked closely with the school to minimise any impact on the school, its staff and students.

Client Benefits

We were able deal with all issues at site on behalf of our client. We were praised by local businesses for the tidiness of our construction site and the professional approach displayed by our workforce.

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