NEPO 210 Highways Surfacing Framework


North East District Councils




December 2019 - December 2023

The Project

Delivery of main carriageway resurfacing, road repairs and patching throughout North East England on a 4 year framework contract with task order values between £50,000 and £5,000,000. This work is being delivered to our client, the North East Procurement Organisation (NEPO), on behalf of 12 local authorities through our dedicated North East team of 15 DSD staff and operatives deployed from our Harrogate depot. The scope of the framework contract includes:

  • Full and partial reconstruction of highways
  • Inlay and overlay of highways
  • Carriageway patching
  • Interfacing with the 12 local authority client teams
  • Interfacing with other trades and Lot partners
  • Public liaison
  • Production of Construction Phase Health & Safety Plans
  • Development of robust Risk Assessments and Method Statements

Our proactive and collaborative approach has resulted in numerous commendations from the public and local residents

Key Quantities

Projects on Average
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Cold Milling

Challenges and Successes

Each of the twelve client local authorities has different requirements, specifications, processes and procedures to which we must comply. To ensure we fully meet the requirements of each local authority, we always work in a proactive, flexible and adaptable manner from project to project whilst sharing learning and best practice across our NEPO client base.

Many of the schemes are delivered in densely populated urban areas with high volumes of vehicle and pedestrian traffic and parked cars. To ensure work is delivered to schedule with minimal impact to local residents, we have enhanced our public liaison by appointing a dedicated Public Liaison Officer to coordinate meetings, communications and letter drops and to work with local residents.

The NEPO framework geographical area is extensive and often within highly populated town and city areas with schemes distributed over the 12 districts. To ensure short delivery distances, we have developed a substantial local supply chain within these districts to ensure we can deliver our projects efficiently.

Client Benefits

Our efficient and timely project delivery has attracted numerous commendations from the public, with no complaints at all. ‘On time’ delivery of our work has also allowed our clients to seamlessly organise follow on work from other suppliers and Lot partners to meet the overall project deadlines.

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