New footpath, Road Resurfacing and Associated Works, Haverigg


Cumbria County Council




Nov 2021 -Dec 2021

The Project

The scheme involved the construction of 150m of new footpath and associated road resurfacing to provide access to local properties. This also included the installation of a new septic tank drainage outfall connection to the local river. Our scope included:

  • Surveys and setting out
  • Excavation and footpath construction
  • Kerbing including drop and tactile kerbing
  • Drainage connection including 4 new chambers, road crossing and outfall
  • Planing out of existing road surface
  • Laying of 50mm thick surfacing
  • Road markings

The use of a vacuum excavator allowed us the complete the project quickly, with minimal disruption to residents and road users

Key Quantities:

New Footpath Construction
0 m
0 m
0 m2

Challenges and Successes

During the project, we were required to install the drainage outfall beneath the road which contained uncharted services including a high-pressure gas main. To ensure we safely excavated the road for the drainage crossing without damaging services, we employed a Vacuum Excavator under a full road closure to expose the services. This then allowed us to safely and quickly install the drainage with minimal disruption to road users and residents.

The existing surface water drainage system was overloaded which had been causing problems for the residents for a long time. We provided a solution to this by designing the drainage under the road to accommodate the septic tank outfall and surface water drains – providing extra capacity to alleviate this long-standing problem.

The project was required at short notice just before the Xmas holidays. We mobilised within 1 week of contract award and successfully delivered the project before the Xmas deadline despite working in adverse weather.

Client Benefits

The residents have now been provided with a new safe footpath which avoids having to walk on the road and the long-standing drainage problem has been alleviated.

Disruption to road users and residents was minimised using a vacuum excavator and Cumbria County Council has received positive feedback from residents on the conduct and professionalism of the DSD Construction team.

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