Renewable Energy Powered Lighting Column


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DSD Construction is a leader of innovation in the construction industry, with a track record of introducing new products and methodologies to increase productivity and efficiency, reduce cost and help to tackle climate change. Through our partner, Sustainable Groundworks Solutions (, we have introduced a renewable energy powered ‘off grid’ street lighting solution.

For hire or purchase, the KV6 street lighting column is a hybrid solar / wind powered luminaire with no connection to the mains electricity supply – making it ideal for remote locations where it would be cost prohibitive to install mains power supplies. The KV6 unique design means that its solar panels sit vertically down the column shaft and can be stacked to provide additional renewable energy generation and increase the output power of the lantern to meet various operational requirements.  The positioning of the solar holder also ensures it captures the maximum available solar radiation, especially during winter days, when the sun is low in the sky.

The solar panels require no maintenance, as they are self-cleaning, do not collect dust or snow like traditionally mounted solar panels, ensuring sufficient solar generation, without large solar panels sticking out of the column, whilst at the same time guaranteeing the lantern is operational throughout the year.

In operational deployment its measured lumen output and lighting spread outperforms traditional grid connected, comparable street lanterns, from both an output and spread perspective. In addition, the lantern and solar holder are both rotary moulded from recycled plastic, which can also be fully recycled at the end of its very long life, making it a truly green product.

The lighting unit is ideal for Infrastructure and highways projects (including street and roundabout lighting), commercial/residential developments, outdoor events & festivals, temporary and emergency lighting, depots, and compounds.

Technical Specification

Solar PV Cells 3

Solar Charge Controller (99% Efficiency)

Battery Storage (300Ah of useable energy)

Luminaires (total 2200 lumens)

Ingress Progression (IP 67)

Performance Characteristics

  • Rapidly deployable using standard construction equipment
  • Rotary moulded LED Lantern & solar holder, made from recycled plastic and fully recyclable
  • Vandal proof solar holder and LED lantern, exceeding IK10++ specification
  • Patented self-cleaning solar holder design to capture maximum available solar radiation
  • Stepped programmable lighting levels and smart solutions to detect when cloud cover requires lantern to switch on
  • Highly dependable solution with supplied 3-day battery backup, as standard

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