Replacement analytical project welfare facility


Morgan Sindall




march 2022 - december 2022

The Project

The scheme involved the site preparation, removal of redundant services, construction of foundations and installation of new services for the project office and workforce welfare facility for the £1bn Replacement Analytical Project at Sellafield. The project involved extensive ground investigations to locate and remove existing services prior to construction of new drainage systems, services and building foundations. Our scope of work included:

  • Ground investigation (8 off trial holes 1m deep) to locate underground features after topographical surveys.

  • Tracing and removal of existing cabling, ducting, draw pits, street lighting, street furniture and CCTV systems.

  • Removal of existing underground services including foul water and surface drainage systems.

  • Relocation of services including street lighting, CCTV systems and BT marshalling cabinets.

  • Installation of new foul and surface water drainage systems and water, electricity, telecoms, and fibre optic services ducting and tie ins to existing systems.

  • Construction of 50m3 concrete strip foundations, access ramps and entrance steps.

  • Reprofiling of footpaths to maintain safe pedestrian access.

  • Construction of 2 off new electrical distribution unit foundation plinths in the high security area.

  • Construction of car park including subbase, asphalt surfacing, white lining, street furniture and signage.

  • Removal of waste and spoil and hard landscaping.

  • Pressure testing and connection of new 90mm water mains.

  • Asphalt surfacing of footpaths, road crossings and tie ins into new car park.

  • Assistance with installation of the 66 modules, 3 tier office accommodation (slinging and escort duties).

The project was delivered in a high security area of the site with numerous uncharted services and redundant underground features

Key Quantities:

redundant services removed
0 m
waste removed
0 Te
New voltage service ducting
0 m

Challenges and Successes

The project is located on a previously used industrial site with a significant number of uncharted buried services and redundant underground concrete features which had to be safely located before main excavation work could be started. We worked closely with the adjacent building owners, Ground Investigation, and Topography teams to identify the exact location of the buried services and features by hand digging several trial holes. The work was carried out in and adjacent to a high security area which required us to work to strict security protocols and collaborate with the building owners and security department during the planning and delivery phases of the works. The project is also located in a frequently used pedestrian thoroughfare which required us to plan our work and install temporary and permanent works to always maintain safe pedestrian and emergency vehicle access to the adjacent operational facilities.

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