Sellafield Repack Project Underground Services


Morgan Sindall




July 2021 - july 2022

The Project

The scheme involved the excavation and installation of the deep drainage systems and service ducting for the Sellafield Repack Project. Our scope of work included:

  • Stakeholder engagement, work pack preparation, surveys and setting out.

  • Traffic and pedestrian management.

  • Installation of deep surface water drainage system including concrete pipework up to 3m deep.

  • Installation of foul water drainage system up to 2m deep.

  • Installation of manholes, valves, and washout chambers.

  • Installation of service ducting and draw pits up to 2m deep.

  • Backfill, reinstatement of road base, binder and wearing course.

We safely excavated the site & installed the new services in a highly congested area, delivering the project 1 week early.

Key Quantities:

drainage installed
0 m
welded PE piping
0 m
150mm service ducting
0 m

Challenges and Successes

Based on previous exploratory work, we anticipated and subsequently found many uncharted buried services and features, including redundant 11kv cables, asbestos contamination and redundant concrete foundations blocking the drainage route. Using our proven safe excavation techniques, including vacuum excavation, we safely excavated the services trenches. The project was located on one of the main operational traffic routes through the Sellafield site, which had to be reopened as quickly as possible to maintain site operations. We worked with our client Morgan Sindall and Sellafield Ltd operating departments to establish traffic management diversions and to coordinate the work daily. By working 24/7 on this project, it was successfully completed 1 week ahead of schedule, meaning that our client met their KPI milestone.


“Please pass on my thanks to your guys as they have gone over and above to enable us to meet the milestone date. I know there was a lot of focus and pressure on them to meet this date and they did not non comprise on health and safety when striving to meet this date.” Dr Lucy Smith – Sellafield PPP Project Director

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