Volvo P8820D ABG Paver


DSD Construction


DSD Construction continues to invest in the latest high efficiency and environmentally friendly construction equipment through the procurement of the latest in paving technology – the Volvo P8820D paver.

This paver includes 3120mm long tracks to ensure stability and smoothness of the paving process, has a wider paving width of 13 metres and a paving thickness of up to 300mm – meaning fewer passes and shorter construction time. The large hopper capacity of 14.7 Te and a large conveyor tunnel mean that the paver can lay up to 1,100Te per hour.

The engine adaptive ECO mode reduces fuel consumption by matching engine output to site requirements which also reduces noise levels to the operators and local community.

The flexible configuration of the paver means that, in addition to asphalt paving, the highest levels of pre compaction behind the screed can be achieved for ballast paving and laying of cement treated base and roller compacted materials.

Use of the Volvo P8820D paver has allowed us to work safer and more efficiently to reduce construction time and cost for our clients.

Benefits of Using The Volvo Paver:

Use of the 9m wide paver with thicker material laying capacity means that our highway construction projects have fewer passes and joins in the carriageways – reducing construction time and road user disruption whilst increasing the quality of the road surface. Shorter construction schedules also increase worker safety by reducing time at risk and significantly reduce the carbon footprint of the project through reduced fuel consumption.

Key Features:

  • Increased auger height adjustment ranges to optimise material flow in the auger channel.
  • Automatic hydraulic track tensioners to provide more precise and stable steering.
  • Durable track scrapers provide a smoother road surface finish.
  • Screed load device to prevent start off bumps and to ensure consistent layer thickness.
  • A variety of levelling devices including 3D levelling.
  • Soft dock feature to keep mat quality high during docking.
  • Single or double tamper screeds to ensure a smooth, uniform surface.
  • A powerful set of digital tools, including a Material Manager, Thermal Profiling and Weather View, which are designed to make the operator´s life easier, document the paving process and enhance mat quality.
  • Smart dock – remote controlled light bars that provide visual signals to the tipper driver to ensure they approach and unload into the paver hopper in the safest and most effective way. This results in fewer interruptions to material supply, reduced material spillage and a more consistent mat quality.

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