DSD Construction Continues Mental Health Awareness Efforts With ‘Mini Medic’ Training

Mini Medics
We are proud to announce that over 300 children are now qualified as ‘Mini-Medics’ as part of the ‘DSD in the community’ Social Value programme in Cumbria.

DSD Construction Social Value and Training Manager, Chris Lumsdon, continues to lead our ‘DSD in the Community’ social impact programme – frequently visiting schools across Cumbria to deliver ‘mini medic’ mentoring for pupils.

These training sessions offer an introduction to mental health awareness for children aged 9-13 and provide an understanding of:

  • The signs of mental health struggles.
  • Self-care techniques.
  • How to help peers who are suffering from mental health.
  • How to promote positive mental health.
  • How to be confident discussing feelings.

The programme has been delivered through engaging activities including:

  • Q & A’s.
  • Mentoring sessions.
  • Assemblies.
  • Creative skills sessions.

At DSD Construction, we are committed to encouraging positive mental health through our ongoing programme to educate the Cumbrian younger generation on the importance of mental health awareness.

Our Social Value & Training Manager, Chris Lumsdon, said:

“We will ensure our ‘mini medic’ mentoring sessions continue as the feedback from teachers, parents and, most importantly, the pupils has been mind blowing!”

Read about our other mentoring sessions in local schools below!

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